Product Review: Live Free from Dogswell

Have you heard of Blue Buffalo? You know the little LifeSource bits that they put in ALL the Blue Buffalo formulas? I bet you do because those little bits look totally different from the kibble and some pets must know this too because those pets avoid them. I have CONSTANTLY wondered, why don’t they make the LifeSource bits the same texture and flavor as the regular kibble? The concept is good, but not if your pet spits those little bits out.
Well, someone else adapted the idea of LifeSource bits but made them the same texture and flavor. It was Dogswell! Now – you might be thinking, “great, Dogswell, the brand with Chinese chicken treats…” Well, their treats are made in a Chinese factory, for better or for worse, BUT this food is made in the USA and none of the ingredients are sourced from China. This new food – it is called Live Free…
LiveFree is the newest food on the market for us health conscious pet owners. The food is added to the Dogswell food line and goes right along with their Nutrisca brand.
This formula is high protein to keep energy up, and – the best part – is incredibly low-glycemic (one of the lowest, if not THE lowest kibble on the market) to prevent spikes in blood sugar levels. The low-glycemic levels make this a great food for most dogs, but especially those dogs with weight issues or diabetes.
Not only does it help control sugar levels, but the DigestiBits (Dogswell’s answer to Blue Buffalo’s LifeSource) help aid in the dogs’ digestion. The little bits are made of all natural ingredients, including: pumpkin, eggs, prebiotics, probiotics, 11 other fruits and veggies, and digestive fiber.
They managed all of this by avoiding grains and potatoes and instead are using chickpeas and peas. There is no corn, soy, gluten, tapioca, BHA/BHT, added hormones, or artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives and the food is made in the USA. Their meat sources also come from the US, except for their lamb, which comes from New Zealand, which is the case for the majority of food brands that use lamb.
If you read one of my blogs from earlier in the month, you will remember that rotating is good idea to keep your dog’s immune system from rejecting proteins – so hopefully you are asking what meats Live Free offers.
Chicken, Lamb, Salmon, and Turkey! Their Chicken protein comes in Adult, Puppy, and Senior formulas.
Healthy Pet is now carrying the food line and we are VERY excited about it.
Come by and compare the ingredients and percentages to your current food – you may be surprised!

Check out the packaging in person at Healthy Pet! We will help you find the right formula for your pet, Live Free or otherwise!
Check out the packaging in person at Healthy Pet! We will help you find the right formula for your pet, Live Free or otherwise!

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Written by Caitlin Swedroe

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