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Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo BLUE Homestyle Recipe Healthy Weight Chicken Dinner with Garden Vegetables Canned Dog Food

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No matter which delicious BLUE Homestyle Recipe you give your dog, you can be sure you're providing him with rich, wholesome nutrition äóñ each formula contains only healthy, natural ingredients. Plus it's formulated without excess calories to help your dog achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Natural, High-Quality Chicken
-Real deboned chicken provides essential amino acids he needs every day.

Wholesome Whole Grains
-Hearty whole grains like brown rice and barley supply the complex carbohydrates that your dog needs for energy.

Healthy Garden Veggies and Nutritious Fruit
-Whole carrots and peas, blueberries and cranberries...these are just some of the nutrient-rich fruits and veggies you'll find in our Homestyle Recipes.