At Healthy Pet, we are so happy that the government has recognized what all of us pet owners have always known; our pets were never just pets, but family. They are our companions, our shoulder to lean on when we are sad, and a fountain of joy after a long day. They always know how to make us feel just a bit better.

We at Healthy Pet are so grateful to our clients for being such wonderful parents to their 4 legged children.

We are here for them and for you. We have not reduced our hours, or cut any staff. At a time in which some competitors have raised prices due to shortages, we could never imagine taking such a stance at such a trying time. We have never used algorithms, nor will we ever, to figure out how to charge our most loyal customers more because the math suggests they will not leave. We view our clients as our partners and it is our role to assist them in helping them make the best decisions on behalf of their family.

Thank you so much for being there for us over the past 20 years. We are proud to be here for you during this difficult time that we are all working through as a Nation.