CBD is all around us now, and companies are putting it everywhere - lotion, shampoo, even drinking water. With CBD now the most popular "it" ingredient, it might be useful to review WHY you would even want to use it, and to remind everyone that with popularity come imposters with inferior products...

First, at Healthy Pet, we have crew who have used CBD in all its forms for all of our pets of all different sizes for all different reasons. And with this type of testing in-house, albeit a small sample size, it also gives us lots of experience with individual results for different issues. And if a product doesn't pass muster for all of our pets, we do not stock it. There are so many companies with so many options, we do not have to carry all brands - we can carry the ones we have tested and know work for us.

Second, why? Because it works without drugs that can cause severe secondary issues, like liver failure. Major issues that CBD can help with include epilepsy, anxiety, irritable bowel disease, allergies, and chronic pain. 

That chronic pain can be from osteoarthritis, cancer treatments, acute inflammation, chronic inflammation, including sore joints and the wear & tear of old age. IBD may be a catch all for anything that gives weird or painful intestinal issues, but at the end of the day, it comes down to inflammation and CBD reduces inflammation. And on the same hand, allergies are a physical response to inflammation, and CBD calms the inflammation (especially helpful during allergy season which I swear can be year round in IL). Epilepsy is a condition that can affect animals randomly at any age. Once you understand a bit more about your pet's epilepsy, then you can start to wean off the prescriptions and onto CBD to keep things humming as naturally as possible (or with as minimal of prescriptions as possible). And anxiety - the all encompassing issue for dogs that get nervous in different situations (like loud noises, thunderstorms, separation, new people or situations, new animals, travel, ect, ect).  

Third, it comes in so many forms, it's a lot easier to find something that will work for you and your pet. Yes, we do carry a select number of CBD products for human consumption, but beyond that, we have lots of options on strength and form to help meet your pet's needs and fit your budget. CBD doesn't have to be crazy expensive. You can buy CBD and add it to your own water (and save $4/bottle in the process). Because CBD comes in the concentrated tinctures, balms, capsules, treats, chews, biscuits, honey sticks, coconut oils, peanut butter... pretty much any form that your dog or cat would prefer, we have available.

Come on in and we can help find the best option with the easiest delivery for your pet!