This is Jilly when it rains. And here in Aurora, Batavia, Geneva, North Aurora, it's been raining all week (except for the snow we got first). And that is my dog after almost every potty break. I think the mud really highlights her eyes, don't you?

But, I want her to smell good! I get her groomed here at Healthy Pet - Tina, Elizabeth, and Katie have all given her her trademark Lion Cut (shaved butt, fluffy front). But, when she doesn't need a haircut, but she's looking like this picture, I'll bring her in to the Self Dog Wash. It's only $10, there are 4 different shampoos (including one fragrance free for sensitive dogs or sensitive pet parents), and the biggest perk to me: high powered hair dryers! It doesn't create (excessive) heat, and blows out the possibility of tangles, which is the main reason I HATE bathing my dogs at home. Even Buster, the short haired chihuahua mix, will get that funky wet dog odor if I let him air dry at home - and my hair dryers are either too loud or too hot to make it comfortable for either of us to get him cleaned up and smelling good.

So, the Self Dog Wash - good for rainy days, trail hiking days, dog park days, I-have-a-stinky-dog days, any reason you need to get your dog smelling good, come on down! For $10, we provide the room and tub, shampoo and towels, and you do NOT have to clean up! During grooming salon hours, our groomers can also give nail trims, trim hair, clean ears and a few other a la carte services for an additional charge. We have soap-free shampoos, so you can use those for the bath, and give a bath up to twice a week without stripping the coat of its natural, good to be there, oils. 

Let me know if you have any questions - either about the Self Dog Wash, the Grooming Spaw, or anything pet related. I'll try my best to get you the correct information as quickly as possible!