I'm actually writing this post on May 2, because I am currently 39 weeks and change ready to pop pregnant. So I'm planning ahead on this - but I'm not so good at planning ahead all the time. It's happened that I get home and realize I totally forgot to bring home the dog food - and I work here, 5 days a week! So I literally have 5 days in a row to remember to bring home food! I mean, look at these guys... I can't let them miss a meal!

Mickey doesn't look that entertained at the idea of missing a meal. Jilly is more forgiving. 

BUT - we offer FREE local delivery with a purchase of $60 or more, free pick-up so if you remember before you get home, you can place your order online, run in, pickup your order that is already prepped, and get home. Whichever option that works best for you, we want to get your dogs and cats their favorites and I want you to avoid angry animals. My animals do not punish me with angry "accidents" like my mom's dogs do to her, but they do lay on the guilt. Those eyes, the cuddles, the waiting semi-patiently while I eat my food... Delivery has made my life easier! And I still get my points, it still goes towards my free bag, and I'm still supporting a local business - all while getting what I already know they love!

So check out our online store: https://shop.healthypetaurora.com/products/list/

If you don't see your favorite item that you always buy here, let me know! I'll get it added to the catalog for you (we were missing Nature's Logic Pumpkin 13oz cans - and that is definitely a favorite!). Or if there is a favorite item that you haven't seen here, let me know! I'll find out if we can order it (as always, there is no charge for special orders).

So, hopefully by this time next week, I'll be at home, comfortably surrounded by my dogs and cat, holding a new little baby. And hopefully I will have remembered to pickup their food - but if not, I know I can order it for delivery!